Introduction to Energy Modeling w/ OpenStudio


January 16, 2014 @ 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Chris Balbach607-277-6240 E-mail

This 30 minute webinar will introduce you to the applications and plugins that make up the OpenStudio modeling ecosystem and teach you ways to leverage these applications to develop complex energy models and effective modeling workflows, apply crowd-sourced model components and improvements, and analyze models to identify design and improvement opportunities.

Key topics that will be covered:

SketchUp Plugin:

  • Rapidly generate building forms and fabrics and assign bulk properties with Google SketchUp editing tools.

OpenStudio (OS) Application

  • Edit and modify OpenStudio objects
  • Analyze effectiveness of daylight harvesting strategies
  • Create and edit HVAC systems and controls
  • Browse, plot, and compare EnergyPlus output data in a graphical format

Parametric Analysis Tool (PAT) Application

  • Apply credentialed energy conservation measures to models
  • Rapidly perform simulation studies using the AmazonEC2 cloud
  • Leverage crowd-sourced content from NREL’s Building Component Library