Greening of a Home Performance Contractor

This article from Home Energy Magazine examines the expansion of Performance Systems Contracting into renewable energy and green building, driven by local competition and consumer demand and the resulting success and growth. Tagline: May 2005, Ithaca, NY Written By: Greg Thomas Publisher: Home Energy Magazine Type: Article

Charting the Home Performance Contractors Territory

This peer reviewed paper reports on the survey work and the resulting development of a comprehensive set of protocols for home performance contractors. The paper also looks briefly at how the total resource cost test impacts home performance programs. Tagline: August 2004, Ithaca, NY Written By: Greg Thomas

Strategies for Success

A summary of business practices for whole-house contractors to consider adopting for growth and success.   Tagline: March 2004, Ithaca, NY Written By: Greg Thomas and Bill Knight Publisher: Home Energy Magazine Type: Article Sector: Contractors

PIER Whole House Contracting Study

This report, sponsored by the California Energy Commission through the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Buildings Program, was co-written by Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc. and Performance Systems Development. Summary: Results of a survey of home performance contractors across the country, designed to identify best practices for home retrofits. Focus was placed on both business and technical practices, with the…

Welcome to the Machine

This paper examines how the process of producing energy savings in energy efficiency programs can be compared to the Total Quality Management approach to process control for an industrial process producing manufactured products. The comparison indicates how a process of continuous feedback and process improvement can be appropriately designed for energy efficiency programs. A combination…

Keeping Score

A package of software tools is designed to make routine measurement of actual energy savings cost-effective for home performance contractors. This article applies Total Quality management thinking to residential energy savings and home performance process for contractors and shows how systems and software can support this process. Tagline: Ithaca, NY Written By: Greg Thomas Type:…

Profiting from Home Performance

This presentation covers tactics and tips for getting the most out of Home Performance as a business, and results of a survey conducted to better understand the motivators behind the market. Tagline: Ithaca, NY Written By: Greg Thomas

Home Energy Ratings Sweep the Nation, Almost

A review of the energy ratings industry and how energy raters can expand the value provided by the ratings by including diagnosis of home performance problems. Tagline: September 1999, Ithaca, NY Written By: Greg Thomas