Profiting from Home Performance

This presentation covers tactics and tips for getting the most out of Home Performance as a business, and results of a survey conducted to better understand the motivators behind the market. Tagline: Ithaca, NY Written By: Greg Thomas

Home Energy Ratings Sweep the Nation, Almost

A review of the energy ratings industry and how energy raters can expand the value provided by the ratings by including diagnosis of home performance problems. Tagline: September 1999, Ithaca, NY Written By: Greg Thomas

Eco Villiage at Ithaca: Designing For and With Community

The EcoVillage at Ithaca project has been recognized as an international leader in the development of sustainable clustered housing. Under development since 1992, the last of thirty housing units in the “First Neighborhood” was occupied in summer of 1997. The project has received considerable media attention including an internationally broadcast feature on CNN, feature broadcasts…

Working the Utility/Contractor Connection

Greg Thomas, PSD’s CEO and former president of Affordable Comfort, published an article in Home Energy Magazine that takes a look at a successful home performance program administered by Integrated Energy Systems for Niagra Mohawk Power Corporation. In the article, Thomas explores the reasons for the program’s success in the absence of government energy efficiency…

Conference Christens Home Performance Industry

As covered in this report from Home Energy magazine, Greg Thomas announces an effort to form a Home Performance industry, as president of Affordable Comfort Inc. Tagline: December 1995, Ithaca, NY Written By: Greg Thomas

Market Transformation for Residential Energy Efficiency Services

Paper for the Affordable Comfort Conference Selected Readings on developing a market for home performance services developed for Affordable Comfort Conference based on comments provided to the New York State Public Service Commission. Tagline: March 1995, Ithaca, NY Written By: Greg Thomas