Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Software Provider

Performance Systems Development is proud to be an official Investor Confidence Project Software Provider. Compass makes supporting the ICP protocol straightforward with third party platform integration such as the EPA’s Portfolio Manager®. Compass streamlines data collection and ensures a robust and comprehensive solution to navigating through or around unforeseen road-blocks. And with direct support for the ICP documentation protocols, Compass can also be configured to support custom variations. Learning more about the Investor Confidence Project.

As an ICP Software Provider Compass Supports:

  1. Documentation Management: Software provides a means to access a Virtual Documentation Package or VDP providing access to the documentation specified by the ICP Energy Performance Protocols. Access is controlled so that various parties in the process (developers, owners, QA providers, lenders, underwriters) can access the documentation in a secure fashion based on assigned permissions.
  2. Document Organization:  The VDP are organized in a manner that users can easily locate necessary files according to the ICP Project Lifecycle (as depicted in
  3. Document Association: Users can easily access each identified data element.

    Example Data Elements

    • Weather data
    • Baseline utility data
    • Description of baseline period
    • Utility rate structures
    • End-use energy usage
    • Building asset / operational / performance data
    • Interval meter data
    • Sub-metering data
    • On-site weather data
    • Calibration certificates
    • Owner’s rent roll
    • Copies of utility bills
    • Monthly consumption load profiles
    • Monthly peak demand
    • Interval meter data
    • Modeler qualifications
    • Savings calculator qualifications
    • Model calibration
    • Model input files
    • Descriptions of ECMs
    • Calculations
    • Weather file
    • Calculation results
    • Cost estimate details
    • Bids by trade
    • Quality control statement
    • OPV authority qualifications
    • OPV Plan
    • OPV statement of project conformity
    • OPV report
    • Training materials
    • System manual(s)
    • Trending plan
    • Plan for fault detection and remidiation
    • Operator’s Manual and Organizational chart
    • Maintenance plans / service response logs
    • Training curriculm
    • M&V authority qualifications
    • M&V Plan
    • Routine adjustments
    • Non-routine adjustments
    • Reporting period utility data
    • Reporting period independent variable data
    • Reporting period dependent variable data
    • Regression-based energy model
    • Data collected
    • Verified savings calculations
  4. Document Verification: Compass enables workflows allowing for QA Providers (or other authorized reviewers) to designate that a project conforms to the ICP specifications.  Upon such designation the project data and documentation will be “locked” to prevent retroactive changes.
  5. Financial Metrics Representation.  Proposals and other documentation generated by Compass that includes financial calculations (such as cash flows, ROI, SIR, etc.) accurately references savings calculations based on the ICP protocols and are calculated accurately in accordance with industry standards.