Data Integration

Our software plays well with others – we have developed a set of externally accessible API’s so that you can get critical data in – and out – of Compass.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface and it is a set of defined methods for exchanging data between two different software systems.

What do the Compass APIs allow you to connect with?

  • Customer relation management systems (ex. Salesforce) 
  • Customer engagement portals 
  • Utility websites
  • Financing websites
  • Energy Star PM
  • Green Button 

Support for 3rd Party Modeling Tools

Compass can upload, unpack, and analyze models from a variety of third-party modeling tools to give you the flexibility to choose the tool that works best for your program.


PSD is a leading contributor to the HPXML standard definition and supports its deployment as the primary data transfer standard for the home performance industry.  To learn more about HPXML click here