Compass has reports for everyone. Keep building owners engaged, trade allies in work, and your programs on track!


Energy Usage Report


  • Disaggregated energy consumption by fuel type & end-use (heating, cooling, & baseload)
  • Integrated with Energy Star: contains a Home Energy Yardstick Score
  • Carbon Calculator

Peer Comparison Report


  • Energy usage is compared to neighbors & other program participants
  • Includes a breakdown of how energy is being used in the home

Energy Assessment Report


  • Summary of the home’s energy usage & potential for savings
  • Recommended and installed improvements with estimated savings and SIR
  • Available incentives and financing
  • BPI health and safety testing results
  • Educational materials on improvement packages

Service Providers

Helpful reports for the contractors that install the energy conservation improvements.

  • Includes helpful notes from the energy assessor
  • Lists the recommended improvements that should be installed
  • BPI health and safety testing

Program Managers

Keep track of all aspects of your program — choose from an assortment of program-level report templates or create your own.

Examples of Report Templates

  • Savings Report
  • Job Pipeline Report
  • Incentive & Financing Report
  • Contractor Summary Report
  • Reports for DOE and Local Governments

Portfolio Owners

Benchmarking Report

  • Compare energy consumption of buildings in a portfolio or units within a building
  • Compare energy usage by end-type (heating, cooling, baseload)
  • Contains an EPA Portfolio Manager Score