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Managing, deciphering, and tracking data can be a challenge. Whether you need to benchmark buildings, track energy conservation measures, evaluate the effectiveness of a program, measure savings, or generate reports, Compass helps you navigate the data tide. Compass aligns the needs of multiple stakeholders—including program administrators, service providers, QA staff, portfolio owners and financing providers—with one easy-to-use web-based tool. Learn More

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Single Measure & Direct Install

Compass has a built-in data collection application, Surveyor, that can be used to track installed improvements with deemed or modeled energy savings for Direct Install or Single Measure Programs.  Service providers can create engaging reports for homeowners with a record of installed improvements and predicted energy savings.

Single and Multifamily Home Performance

Compass’s powerful analysis engine and user-friendly interface allows program administrators and home performance specialists to quickly and accurately provide a comprehensive view of a home, or building’s, energy impact.  Compass streamlines the administrative process with sophisticated workflow & incentive tracking, stakeholder management, and program level reporting.


Compass has informative benchmarking reports that make it quick and easy to spot underperforming buildings and malfunctioning equipment.  Compass is fully integrated with EPA’s Portfolio Manager (PM) via a well-established API connection. With workflow management and post-retrofit savings tracking, Compass can help you manage a Building Performance with Energy Star Program from end-to-end.

Behavioral and Retrofit Savings Tracking

Compass adjusts interval meter data to account for local weather and changes in building conditions so that you, or your customers, can accurately track energy savings from energy efficient behavioral initiatives and building retrofits in near real-time.

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