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Chris Balbach, PSD’s VP of Research and Development, was recently appointed ASHRAE’s Chair of the Building Energy Quotient (BEQ) Methodology Subcommittee.

The BEQ program provides a quick energy analysis that benchmarks a building’s energy performance, in addition to assisting in preparation of an ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit.

Chris will be responsible for leading the group’s efforts on evaluating and incorporating new inputs, specifications, and calculations to advance the existing BEQ methodological approach to building energy analysis.

Chris has been actively involved in ASHRAE technical and subcommittees in the recent past, including also serving as Chair of the Technical Committee 4.7 responsible for energy calculations and of the Project Monitoring Subcommittee Research Project 1836, Developing a Standardized Categorization System for Energy Efficiency Measures.

We look forward to seeing what Chris’ leadership can accomplish!