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Rebate Programs

Moving Financial Incentives Forward

Engaging & Incentivizing Stakeholders

Engagement and adoption are Key Performance Indicators for all Rebate Programs. We specialize in the influence and incentivization of stakeholders to increase the adoption of energy-efficient products and services. With deep industry experience throughout the equipment supply chain, PSD drives the market to supply, purchase, and install the most efficient equipment available.

Utilizing Technology to Streamline Implementation

PSD’s technology platform combines with our upstream, midstream, and downstream program offerings to optimize implementation using automated processes. The PSD solution engages organizational decision-makers while enabling abundant choice for consumers.

Supporting Midstream & Downstream Programs

PSD’s equipment rebate programs incorporate numerous advanced features to support Midstream distributors, wholesalers, and retailers; alongside Downstream customers, contractors, and trade allies.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Automated customer account validation
  • Electronic or mail-in application submission
  • Online portal built within your website or as a separate webpage
  • Paper check, gift card, and e-gift card processing
  • Phone hotline for customer support

We Speak Building

PSD’s leading industry experts translate building science expertise into innovative energy efficiency programs, engineering services, training, & powerful software tools. We have a deep understanding of how buildings work and have been practicing a holistic approach to this challenge for many years.

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Our Mission

PSD Making a Difference

We achieve decarbonization using building science technology to ensure our planet for future generations.

Annual Report

Meaningful Results


Income-eligible homes verified as safe & efficient


Building professionals trained on energy codes


New homes ratings verified through PSD's Provider Services
Training sessions for builder, raters, code officials and weatherization contractors


Incentive dollars paid to customers

Environmental Impact

PSD Environmental Impact


Fewer Homes on the grid


Fewer vehicles on the road


Tons fewer of C02 in the atmosphere

Join Our Team

Join our team to change how people and buildings use energy.

PSD Careers
Mini James – Senior Quality Assurance Specialist
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Mini James – Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

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John Wozniak – Sr Program Manager
Employee Spotlight

John Wozniak – Sr. Program Manager

This month’s Employee Spotlight is… John Wozniak – Sr. Program Manager 1. Where did you…
Lauren McFeeley - April 2024 Employee Spotlight
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Lauren McFeeley – QA Manager

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Energy Programs

Designing and implementing cost-effective performance-based energy efficiency programs.

Program QA

Leading provider of QA services supporting energy efficiency programs throughout the country.


PSD Compass is a configurable enterprise solution for energy efficiency programs and implementers.


Technology for large-scale electrification, Heat Pump + Retrofit Toolkit, standardized simulations and tools.

Energy Codes

Expert technical leadership achieving decarbonization, cost-effectiveness, resilience, and equity goals.

HERS Provider

Accredited Home Energy Rating Provider, offering nationwide technical support and services.


Moving the industry forward with PSD’s intimate knowledge of how buildings work.


Join our growing team of energy efficiency professionals to help us save energy to save the planet.