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Careers at PSD

Careers at PSD

Are you ready to use your skills to make buildings and energy programs more efficient? Are you a developer looking to use your powers to help fight climate change? Are you ready to help engineer leading building science tools and technologies? For almost 30 years, the dedicated team at PSD has combined hands-on building science knowledge with technology. We are looking for people who love what they do, put others first, and value the backing of the best team in the business.

Job Openings

Work from Anywhere

Working at PSD can take you from crawl spaces in historical buildings to corporate boardrooms across North America. We trust our teams to get their work done wherever our customers and team members need us. We have field offices in New York, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg if you want to meet your colleagues in person; otherwise, if you have an internet connection, you’re ready to work!

Life at PSD
PSD 25 years

Get to Know Our Team

To be a leader at PSD, you must have the right blend of competence and character. Our team relies on each other to help build and deliver innovative energy efficiency solutions for leading companies in the USA. We value the combination of humility, experience, and dedication which helps all of our employees to thrive in their careers and home lives.

Meet the Team
PSD Employees

Education You Can’t Buy

Each year the energy efficiency industry expands. Pathways to successful careers in energy efficiency start with superior domain expertise. Our experts have guided the industry since its inception and can share their experience developing many leading national programs. If you are looking for a career, there is no better place than PSD.

PSD interships

Where it All Started

What do Ithaca, NY in the ’80s, hackysack, and thermal dynamics have in common? PSD Founder Greg Thomas is an industry legend.

PSD Cornell University

Energy Programs

Designing and implementing cost-effective performance-based energy efficiency programs.

Program QA

Leading provider of QA services supporting energy efficiency programs throughout the country.


PSD Compass is a configurable enterprise solution for energy efficiency programs and implementers.


Technology for large-scale electrification, Heat Pump + Retrofit Toolkit, standardized simulations and tools.

Energy Codes

Expert technical leadership achieving decarbonization, cost-effectiveness, resilience, and equity goals.

HERS Provider

Accredited Home Energy Rating Provider, offering nationwide technical support and services.


Moving the industry forward with PSD’s intimate knowledge of how buildings work.


Join our growing team of energy efficiency professionals to help us save energy to save the planet.