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Custom Commercial Programs

Moving Custom Incentives Forward

Deliver Incentives That Work

Commercial, industrial, and agricultural buildings often have special requirements that require unique approaches to capture energy savings. Our custom programs can address these distinct needs by utilizing the latest building science data, tools, and energy engineers to deliver results and maximize incentive goals.

Simplified Cost-Effectiveness Screening

PSD’s simplified approach to commercial custom programs enables trade allies and customers to make the best decisions for their energy usage and bottom line. By utilizing streamlined tools designed specifically to meet the programs cost-effective testing requirements, PSD’s approach turns the often-frustrating custom program process into a breeze.

What makes a project cost-effective? A project is cost-effective when every dollar spent on energy efficiency upgrades, returns more than one dollar, over the lifetime of the upgrade.

If an insulation project costs $17,000 and saves $21,000 over the 40-year lifetime of the insulation, the project would be cost-effective. If this same project cost $24,000, it would not be considered cost-effective.

Benefits Provided to Participants

Energy efficiency upgrades can lower building operating costs by up to 50%.

New, high-efficiency equipment requires less maintenance and remains operational for longer.

Automated controls allow facility managers to customize settings by season or time of day, room by room.

Shorter payback periods can extend budgets and improve profitability.

Corporate social responsibility through reducing energy usage fosters improved customer relations.

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We Speak Building

PSD’s leading industry experts translate building science expertise into innovative energy efficiency programs, engineering services, training, & powerful software tools. We have a deep understanding of how buildings work and have been practicing a holistic approach to this challenge for many years.

Program Implementation Technology

Our proprietary software is like no other in the industry. It is used in over 20 program models and supports thousands of contractors. Popular features and functions include:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Energy Modeling & Assessment
  • Field Data Collection
  • Portfolio Management
  • Savings Calculations
  • Incentive and Rebate Processing
  • Measurement and Verification
  • 3rd Party Integration
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Energy Programs

Designing and implementing cost-effective performance-based energy efficiency programs.

Program QA

Leading provider of QA services supporting energy efficiency programs throughout the country.


PSD Compass is a configurable enterprise solution for energy efficiency programs and implementers.


Technology for large-scale electrification, Heat Pump + Retrofit Toolkit, standardized simulations and tools.

Energy Codes

Expert technical leadership achieving decarbonization, cost-effectiveness, resilience, and equity goals.

HERS Provider

Accredited Home Energy Rating Provider, offering nationwide technical support and services.


Moving the industry forward with PSD’s intimate knowledge of how buildings work.


Join our growing team of energy efficiency professionals to help us save energy to save the planet.