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Residential New Construction Programs

[intro_text]Building residential and multifamily buildings the right way – with effective insulation, a tightly sealed thermal envelope, and controlled ventilation to reduce indoor air pollutants and excessive moisture accumulation – avoids the costs and challenges associated with improving them later. Customer satisfaction is directly correlated to the cost of their bills, and the comfort, safety, and durability of their homes.[/intro_text]

Our years of expertise, grounded by our roots in building science, give us the ability to find creative and responsive solutions to the challenges of managing efficiency programs. We have been entrusted with the management of New Homes Programs for some of the nation’s largest utilities.

Energy Star Integration

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Builder/Rater Support and Development

Programs succeed when the workforce is strong. We have a proven track record of successfully, and rapidly, developing a workforce capable of delivering a statewide energy efficiency program. As a HERS Rater Provider, we understand the needs of this network of trade-allies.

Industry Engagement

Our staff is well-suited to keep programs on top of new industry standards –our CEO, Greg Thomas, sits on the RESNET Board of Directors and our lead trainer, Ethan MacCormick, is on RESNET’s QA committee. Additionally, we are one of only three RESNET EnergySmart Providers in the US. Click here to learn more about our training courses.

Energy Star Integration

Our residential programs include those affiliated with the EPA’s ENERGY STAR for Homes and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs.