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This form is to be used to request MPP audit proposals from PSD

[intro_text]Enter each property separately once all required data fields have been collected.  Photos and other pertinent documents can be attached at the bottom of this form.  For proposal requests that combine multiple properties, list all properties to be combined in the requested field.  One web form must be completed for each property that is to be part of the combined proposal.[/intro_text]


If nothing happens upon pressing the Save button, it means that one or more of the required fields has not been completed. Scroll up to find the field(s) with red text explaining which fields need correction.

Fields Marked with a * are required

Info Needed for MPP Proposal

* Requester’s Name
* Property Name
* Property Address
* Ownership

* Firm Gas?

* Heating Type

* Ventilation Type

* Gas Metering

* District Steam

* Number of Townhouse Buildilngs
* Internal Corridors & Common Areas

* Requester’s E-mail
* Management Company Name
* Property Owner/Company, legal name
* Affordable or Market Rate

* Total Number of Units
* Cooling Type

* Electricity Metering

* Fuel Oil?

* Number Large Buildings
* Number Different Building Types
* List of Measures Owner is Interested in
Additional Project Notes

Additional Info for MPP Application

Contact Name
Contact Phone
Affordable Eligibility Proxy
Gas Utility Provider
Contact E-mail
Contact Fax
Electricity Utility Provider
Oil Supplier
Heating Source(s)
Gas Service Use
Previous NYSERDA Programs
(100MB Max)

Description: Status:
(100MB Max)

Description: Status:
(100MB Max)

Description: Status: