Weatherization SIR – Independent

This report lists each Improvement in a selected Package along with the Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR). In this report, the SIR for each Improvement is as though it were the only Improvement affecting the building, regardless of any other Improvements that may be in the Package.  In other words, the SIR is NOT interacted with any others.

Report Template (RDL): Download file

Monthly Fuel Dissagregation

monthly dissagregation preview

The Monthly Dissagregation report shows the fuel use of a model broken out by month and end use.

This report contains graphs and data tables that mirror the graphs found in the Model Inspector.

Report Template (RDL): Download file

Package Financial Comparison

Exports a live spreadsheet for you to complete with your current financial data to help you and your customer compare the financial impacts of selected packages.

Designed for Blank (Landscape) Style and Spreadsheet (Excel) output type.

Contributed by Halco

Report Template (RDL): Download file

Improvement Detail

Exports details regarding the chosen Package’s Improvements Designed for Blank (Landscape) Style Contributed by TAITEM Engineering

Report Template (RDL): Download file

Weatherization SIR – Interacted

This report lists each Improvement in a selected Package along with the Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR).  In this report the savings for each Improvement is impacted, for better or worse, by being combined with all the other Improvements in the selected Package.  We describe this effect as Interacted.

Report Template (RDL): Download file

Improvement Packages

The Improvement Packages report displays the calculation results presented on the Package Wizard screen for the packages selected by the user. The report includes the list of all non-energy benefits of improvements in each package. This report focuses on cost and savings information on a measure by measure basis.

Report Template (RDL): Download file

TREAT Hardware Requirements

  • Disk space: 2 GB
  • Windows Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8  (other Windows operating systems including CE and Windows 10 are not supported)
  • Pointing device (i.e. touch screen devices are not supported)

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