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[intro_text]There’s never been a better time to learn as a group. PSD is now offering two group discount rates for any training in 2015*. 15% Off for groups of 2 and up, and 25% Off for groups of 5 and up*. So, invite your colleagues to up their game, while upping your group savings![/intro_text]

Spring Coupon Codes

Act fast because these limited group discounts Expire May 31st




Use the coupon code above for 15% Off groups of 2 and up*



Use the coupon code above for 25% Off groups of 5 and up*


[notification type=”notification_info”]*Terms and Conditions: These discounts are for trainings only and can’t be joined with any other discounts or offers, including the NYSERDA discount. This coupon cannot be combined with special TREAT training pricing, such as the California combined TREAT license and training package.[/notification]


Directions: How to Use Group Coupons

Simply follow these directions:

  1. Select the training you’d like, and click register
  2. Select your preferred date
  3. Add the training to your cart using the “Add to cart” button
  4. Click the “view cart” button
  5. Change the “Qty.” (quantity) to the number of training seats you’d like to purchase. Then update your cart using the “Update cart” button.
  6. Add the related coupon (example: GROUP2&UP or GROUP5&UP) to the “Coupon code” field, and click the “apply to cart” button. Please ensure that you have updated the quantity before apply the group coupons, as they are activated only when the group “Qty”. minimums are met.

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