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Head of Ithaca Firm Featured in HUD Energy Webcast

By May 18, 2007No Comments

Greg Thomas, president Performance Systems Development, spoke with a small group of colleagues from around the country in a webcast sponsored by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on Thursday, May 17, 2007. The webcast focused on energy efficiency improvements for high-rise and multi-family housing units.

“There is an increasing demand for information on the best ways to retrofit and remodel multi-family residences to reduce energy use while increasing comfort and safety,” said Thomas, who has helped establish the concept of “home performance” in local, regional, and national markets. His company works with builders and contractors whose goals include increasing energy efficiency in existing structures.

The webcast sessions have attracted an audience of over 2,000 viewers, Thomas said. Among them are building owners and apartment managers, public housing managers, developers of senior housing, and agencies concerned with affordable housing costs and livability. Thomas and others on the webcast faculty will present information on how buildings are analyzed for their overall performance and provide examples of successful retrofits and how they can be financed.

Performance Systems Development and its sister company, Performance Systems Contracting, are leaders in the field of energy usage and improvements. Thomas is a frequent
speaker at national conferences and a consultant to states and utilities across the country.

“Demand for our services is growing quickly, which is exciting because it means that homeowners and owners of larger structures are really starting to understand how important
energy issues are to affordability, comfort, and long-term savings and climate change,” said Thomas.

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Written By: Greg Thomas
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