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During a tumultuous time across the world, clean energy and technology jobs have been impacted deeply by businesses closing down due to their inability to engage with clients and customers directly in-person.

In response to this, Performance Systems Development (PSD) has begun to utilize virtual quality assurance (QA) inspections to meet our customers’ needs and continue allowing our business partners to reduce their energy usage.

Virtual QA offers us the ability to review and validate energy efficiency jobs and measures in the areas in which we serve.

We have utilized video conferencing technology to enter customers’ homes virtually and conduct inspections like we were there in person.

PSD has already begun receiving positive feedback on our use of Virtual QA. Reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about our Virtual QA services!

“[My partner] does not know anything, really, about the HERS process, but she commented about how she felt comfortable helping me video, and how you were professional and courteous as you helped [her] navigate the video process.”