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For Immediate Release: July 17, 2019                    


Performance Systems Development (PSD) Supports WaterSense® Labeled Certification


Ithaca, NY – July 17, 2019: Performance Systems Development (PSD), has joined an elite group of organizations qualified to certify new homes to receive the WaterSense label. Sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), WaterSense labels new homes that use 20 percent less water than typical models inside and out.


Builders looking to offer new single-family homes and/or multi-family units with the WaterSense label can contact PSD to independently inspect their homes and certify that they meet the WaterSense criteria for efficiency and performance.


The WaterSense label helps consumers choose new homes that will use less energy and save water for future generations. WaterSense labeled new homes save water and energy through the use of WaterSense labeled products, water-smart landscapes, and plumbing systems designed to use less water by delivering hot water more quickly.


“WaterSense labeled new homes are an investment for the future of our planet,” said Veronica Blette, WaterSense branch chief. “In fact, as compared to a traditional home, a family of four investing in a WaterSense labeled new home can save as much as 50,000 gallons of water per year—that’s the equivalent of the water used to wash 2,000 loads of laundry.”


All new homes must be inspected and certified before they can earn the WaterSense label. PSD completed an EPA training in order to work with inspectors and provide quality assurance that homes are certified to meet WaterSense criteria.


“PSD has partnered with EPA to help support builders committed to bringing WaterSense labeled new homes to their community,” said Blette. “These combined water and energy savings can reduce utility costs by up to $600 each year.”


“We’re excited to offer WaterSense training to builders this fall,” said Emelie Cuppernell Glitch, of PSD. “Available training dates will be announced online in the coming weeks”.





WaterSense, a partnership program sponsored by EPA, seeks to protect the future of our nation’s water supply by offering people a simple way to use less water with water-efficient products, new homes, and services. Since the program’s inception in 2006, WaterSense has helped consumers save trillions of gallons of water and billions in water and energy bills. For more information, visit


At Performance Systems Development (PSD), we translate building science into innovative utility programs and powerful software products. As a leading provider of energy efficiency programs, and software services to utilities and their customers, PSD designs and implements programs which leverage the power of our Compass software platform to consistently exceed program savings goals and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.