So You Want To Be a Home Performance Contractor

Overview of the home performance contractor business, getting started in the home performance industry, and tools of the trade. Published in Home Energy Magazine, 2005.


  • The Big Picture — using a whole-house approach, tools and training, and business basics.
  • Why Do It? — Top five reasons to go into home performance contracting: Ethics, differentiation, risk avoidance, profits, and business stability.
  • Starting Points to Entry — insulation and window (building shell) contractors, home inspectors and energy raters, remodelers, and weatherizaton agencies or not-for-profit housing groups.
  • Steps to Getting Started — Develop a list of local problems, choosing your business model. Sidebar: tools of the trade.
  • Assemble Your Whole-House Installation Team — collecting the people to complete the job, from audit to install.
  • Access Training — getting the knowledge to build a solid foundation for your business.
  • Opportunity Abounds — Many existing buildings have a need for energy improvement, and can be built into a successful business.

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Tagline: Ithaca, NY
Written By: Greg Thomas
Publisher: Home Energy Magazine
Type: Article
Sector: Contractors