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So You Want To Be a Home Performance Contractor

By October 18, 2005August 9th, 2018No Comments

Overview of the home performance contractor business, getting started in the home performance industry, and tools of the trade. Published in Home Energy Magazine, 2005.


  • The Big Picture — using a whole-house approach, tools and training, and business basics.
  • Why Do It? — Top five reasons to go into home performance contracting: Ethics, differentiation, risk avoidance, profits, and business stability.
  • Starting Points to Entry — insulation and window (building shell) contractors, home inspectors and energy raters, remodelers, and weatherizaton agencies or not-for-profit housing groups.
  • Steps to Getting Started — Develop a list of local problems, choosing your business model. Sidebar: tools of the trade.
  • Assemble Your Whole-House Installation Team — collecting the people to complete the job, from audit to install.
  • Access Training — getting the knowledge to build a solid foundation for your business.
  • Opportunity Abounds — Many existing buildings have a need for energy improvement, and can be built into a successful business.

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Tagline: Ithaca, NY
Written By: Greg Thomas
Publisher: Home Energy Magazine
Type: Article
Sector: Contractors