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In February, Joe Nunley and KEEA members met at the Capitol in Harrisburg for legislator & governor office meetings advocating for Whole-Home Repairs. KEEA will continue to recommend prioritizing recurring funding for Whole-Home Repairs in this years finalized budget.

On March 7, Governor Josh Shapiro provided his address and released his proposed budget. While energy efficiency was not a primary focus, the governor did include a job training program focusing on energy, among other fields.

KEEA responded to Governor Shapiro’s mention of Whole-Home Repairs in his budget address. KEEA believes the next step in the budgeting process includes clearly designating funding for this vital program. Pennsylvanians need continual funding to meet the massive need for critical home repairs that will keep residents safe, healthy and enable access to energy efficiency for those with the greatest need.

Joe and other KEEA members outside the Goerner’s office.