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Commercial Energy Programs

Moving Commercial Buildings Forward

Take Your Commercial Programs to the Next Level

PSD delivers portfolio-centric solutions for diversified commercial applications through engineering and field staff who bring extensive field-based experience in designing and managing commercial audit and retrofit programs. PSD has led or contributed to engineering analyses of commercial buildings, measure development of modeling software, and the development of training curriculums for certifications such as Building Energy Simulation Analyst (BESA) and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP). PSD has an unparalleled understanding of federal software tools and data standardization efforts, enabling cutting-edge commercial program design and implementation.

Dedicated to Results

PSD has a proven track record of implementing commercial program models incorporating early intervention of experienced consultants with design teams, managing effective engagement strategies, utilizing innovative modeling techniques, leveraging accurate and efficient data reporting, and implementing custom software solutions.

Commercial Building Program Types

  • Commercial Retrofit Energy Program
  • Commercial New Construction Energy Program
  • Custom Grant Programs
  • Equipment Rebate Programs
  • Quality Assurance Support Programs
  • Benchmarking Programs

Support Services

  • Measurement & verification
  • In-house engineering projects
  • Trade ally and customer engagement
  • Custom software solutions
  • Rebate Program Training Benchmarking engineering services


  • Automated energy data analysis with real- time realization rates
  • Integrated with multiple open source third-party NMEC methods

Backed by Innovative Technology

PSD’s technology stack is a flexible building performance solution for managing Demand Side Management (DSM) Programs. It seamlessly connects to achieve program goals for Utility Customers, Trade Allies, Quality Assurance, Utilities / Agencies, Municipalities, and other third parties.

Explore Technology

Energy Programs

Designing and implementing cost-effective performance-based energy efficiency programs.

Program QA

Leading provider of QA services supporting energy efficiency programs throughout the country.


PSD Compass is a configurable enterprise solution for energy efficiency programs and implementers.


Technology for large-scale electrification, Heat Pump + Retrofit Toolkit, standardized simulations and tools.

Energy Codes

Expert technical leadership achieving decarbonization, cost-effectiveness, resilience, and equity goals.

HERS Provider

Accredited Home Energy Rating Provider, offering nationwide technical support and services.


Moving the industry forward with PSD’s intimate knowledge of how buildings work.


Join our growing team of energy efficiency professionals to help us save energy to save the planet.