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TREAT Single
Family Software

Designed for buildings with 1-4 dwelling units, TREAT will help you show clients how your work will pay for itself with significant energy savings!


TREAT Multifamily$1,495

TREAT MF will help you sell more lucrative multifamily jobs.  TREAT MF is DOE-approved for all residential  & multifamily building types.


Single to Multi
Family Upgrade

Multifamily TREAT is designed for building professionals working in large-scale buildings with 4 or more dwelling units. Upgrade Now!



TREAT Annual Support Renewal, Updates & Upgrades

Single-Family – $200

Multifamily – $400

Each renewal includes:

  • TREAT Updates and Upgrades
  • Submit tickets to TREAT Technical Support
  • One Free TREAT License Transfer
  • Free Attendance at Select TREAT Webinars


TREAT Data Input Forms


Printable input forms for field data collection of Multifamily Buildings.  Includes two excel files named “Take Offs for TREAT Form” and “Field Data Forms” and contain 10 and 13 specific data collection tabs respectively.  These forms were developed to support the Multifamily audit process and are used by PSD’s engineers for their Multifamily work.

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Advanced TREAT Model Consulting (3 Hours/Unit)


This is a 3 hour block of consulting time with one of our skilled energy engineers to review and discuss your TREAT energy model. We can review your model files (.TPG), identify anomalies, and provide advice and coaching to ensure that your TREAT models are accurate and yield reasonable energy savings predictions. You’ll better understand the nuances of energy modeling, be able to use TREAT more efficiently, and sell jobs more confidently with this consulting time.


Transfer TREAT License

$50 – Active Support License Required

Select this option to transfer your TREAT license to another computer or user if you have already used your free transfer included with your support license. Includes installation assistance, if needed. After you submit your Serial Number with your purchase, you will need to re-activate your Serial Number with the installation key on the new system. Please allow 1-2 business days to complete the process. Transfer requests for TREAT 3.0.27 are no longer available and require upgrading to TREAT 3.1 or above. This upgrade is included as part of the annual support service contract.

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TREAT Training

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