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Welcome to the New TREAT 3.5


View the TREAT BAS in the Model Inspector


Now you can see the BAS in real time!

Expanded LED Lighting

LED Lighting Library

expand LED lighting in treat


We’ve expanded our LED Lighting Options!

financial options in TREAT

Financial Preferences

Financial Preferences


Set financial terms for savings calculations and save them for all new models!


Updated New Building Wizard: Model Cape Cod style homes right in the wizard!!

Improved Visual Representation of your Model. Including Attic and Basement Levels

Improved Visual Representation of your Model. Including Attic and Basement Levels


Cooling Efficiency Calculator


Calculate Combined Cooling System Efficiencies in TREAT. Great for Multifamily and Multiple AC Systems!

[intro_text]Introducing the latest in building modeling technology! TREAT 3.5 includes exciting new features like updated reports and HPXML compatibility[/intro_text]

Featuring The Updated HPXML!

PSD has supported this growing national building data standard from the beginning! HPXML export features in TREAT allow TREAT users to qualify for incentives in a variety of programs and markets quickly and easily. Standardized data helps the programs you work in show their success and helps your jobs get approved faster! Performance Systems Development was instrumental in New York pilot programs for HPXML. Our expertise is leading the way in the national adoption of this standard.

Attractive Customer Facing Sales Reports!

TREAT produces highly accurate models verified by DOE to accurately estimate energy savings in all building types. TREAT 3.5 builds on our highly accurate models to help you; sell jobs. Improved sales tools mean more incentives from programs and more signed contracts for your team! Our Home Performance Report and Package Comparison Report turn accurate models into more closed sales.


Core Features of TREAT 3.5

  • Approved by the Department of Energy (DOE) approved for ALL building types. TREAT supports low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise multifamily, as well as single family use!
  • Gives you the ability to “true up” models with real world billing data, improving the accuracy of your models and the reliability of your savings estimates.
    • Imports billing data from spreadsheet

NEW HPXML Integration

  • This growing national standard for building performance data means that TREAT models have cross-boundary compliance in a variety of programs.
  • PSD was instrumental in pilot programs to help develop HPXML with BPI and NYSERDA
  • HPXML integration will streamline the way data is shared, reducing model approval time.
  • TREAT measures the interactions between various improvements and improvement packages to give users a holistic view of total home energy savings.
  • TREAT produces a variety of customer-facing and internal reports including:
    • Home Performance Report
    • Energy Savings Plan
    • Weatherization SIR Independent and Interacted
    • Raw HPXML data output

NEW Home Performance Report

  • Our newly stylized Home Performance Report presents customers with an attractive and easy to read assessment of their home and recommended improvements to help you sell jobs!
  • Use in conjunction with out Package Comparison Report to help customers compare up to 3 proposed projects.

NEW New Report Categorization

  • Finding the best report for your needs has never been easier!
  • TREAT surface libraries allow our users to quickly and easily select appropriate building materials.
  • HERS and RESNET approved Domestic Hot Water (DHW) calculations

NEW An Improved Help File

  • Easier to read and navigate, our new help file features updated information to make sure you get the most out of TREAT.

Other Features in TREAT 3.5

RESNET Accreditation – TREAT is  RESNET Accredited as an Existing Homes Tax Credit Compliance Tool.

Several of TREAT’s internal calculations have been improved and validated against the RESNET accreditation suite, which includes the following tests:

  1. HERS BESTEST Tier 1 Tests
  2. RESNET DHW Tests
  3. RESNET HVAC Tests
  4. RESNET DSE (Distribution System Effectiveness) Tests
  5. RESNET Heating and Cooling TestsL125A

Expanded Surface Library  – Surfaces representing 35 wall and 19 roof constructions commonly found in existing commercial buildings, plus commonly requested foundation and floor surfaces including dirt and stone.

This feature includes our newest additions (Wall – Commercial and Roof – Commercial) to the TREAT surfaces library. The descriptions and thermal performance of these surfaces were taken from the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals, (2009), Chapters 18 and 26.

Billing Analysis Feature – Fixed Reference Temperature

This feature allows a fixed reference temperature of 65F to drive TREAT’s built-in utility bill disaggregation analysis. This option supports emerging calibration standards such as ANSI/BPI-2400.

NEW Billing Analysis Feature – Spreadsheet Template for importing Billing Data

Updated for Windows 8 compatibility! This template helps users import electricity or fuel energy data into their TREAT model. The easy-to-use spreadsheet template significantly improves the handling of delivered fuels by automatically generating synthetic representative utility bills. The template creates the required .csv file for direct import into TREAT.

Reporting Feature – Create Microsoft Word Reports.

This feature adds Microsoft Word to the list of file formats that TREAT generates. (Adobe PDF, MS Excel, TIFF, XML, and now Microsoft Word.) The Microsoft Word reports contain embedded image and text objects that are fully editable.

Project Feature  – Import data from Compass

For TREAT users who are also using Compass, TREAT now supports import of metered energy data from Compass.  In addition to all utility bill information, the file import includes customer and fuel rate information.

Product Registration Features – Simplified TREAT registration process

The process of registering TREAT has been re-engineered and significantly simplified. An updated registration server allows users—if online—to easily activate, deactivate or register TREAT on their machine. This simplifies moving a registered copy between computers.


TREAT Hardware Requirements

  • Disk space: 2 GB
  • Windows Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, and Windows 10
  • Pointing device (i.e. touch screen devices are not supported)

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