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Hosting a Training

PSD is offering training programs through professional and industry associations. Use the contact forms below or call or email Jim Pisani at (215) 360-6803 and, to request an event for your members.

  • The Energy Code and Remote Virtual Inspections (RVI) – Request a training
  • The 2018 IECC for Pennsylvania – Commercial – Request a training
  • The 2018 IECC for Pennsylvania – Residential – Request a training


Pricing varies based on host organization responsibilities, ranging from no fee when the host provides the venue, refreshments (if desired), and printed handouts to $50 per person if PSD provides those items. 

*Per-person fee for 3 hours of continuing education

Minimum Audience Size: 

The minimum audience size is 25 attendees.  

Continuing Education: 

Three (3) hours PA UCC, ICC, AIA LU | HSW, NARI, BPI  

Please contact Jim Pisani at or (215) 360-6803 to schedule a training session. 

This training and/or document is provided through support and funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s State Energy Program and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.